Reflective Essay – Know the Structure

Writing a reflection essay could certainly prove to be very tough and challenging but if you know the format and structure and few tips the task could be a piece of cake for you even if you are not blessed with extraordinary writing skills. The objective of this article is to enable students belonging to different backgrounds to write a good and effective reflection essay on any topic assigned by their instructors. In this regard, we will discuss about different sections of the essay and how you should write them.

Make the readers aware of the big picture

The first thing to do when writing the essay is to decide about the introduction. There is a very simple tip for students if they want to write a good introduction. It is always advised to start with the introduction with a situation or any event that relates to the topic of essay and then guide the readers and make them realize the big picture you are trying to address in your essay. The introductory part of the essay usually varies from student to student depending on your writing and imaginative skills.

Which tense should you use in different sections?

This been said, it is imperative for all the students to incorporate the basic thesis statement which generalizes the complete topic and your take on it in the introductory section of the essay. Another worth mentioning point here is that it is better to use present tense when writing introduction

When you are describing an event or the situation in your essay, you should know that the event or the social situation matters but what matters more is how you describe them. In a reflection essay, it is better to stick with the natural structure of a normal essay. In this regard, when you are using a descriptive language for explaining the event you should use past tense. So far as the conclusion of the essay is concerned, it should again be in the present tense.


Another aspect which you should always have in mind is that just like people make judgments about others when they meet similar is the case with writing. The reader instantly tries to judge the reader.